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A note on range

So, the first batrep is up and enjoying its first reads, and that has led to another first - first trend in messages I've received. The gridlines seem to have really split the crowd!

They're something I gave quite a bit of thought. I want my Old School imagery to be as minimalistic as possible while still conveying the battle at hand, but I also like the idea that people when reading articles will have enough information to think about other strategies. Part of the fun of these things is forming your own plan as you go - and that is why I've decided to launch blog updates a round at a time rather than wait until the whole battle is done. Mini cliff hangers!

So this quick post is just to explain how the grid works in case you haven't cracked the code, which will hopefully help you enjoy future reps more.

The MCP battlefield a 3 foot square, and the gridlines on Old School Protocol break that down to a 12x12 grid. So quick math tells us that each square is 3x3 inches. So 3x3 feet, broken down into 3x3 inch squares. Great, but so what?

Well, if we ignore the games simple 1-5 range system and consider the rulers as standard 'x-inch long rulers' it gives an easier time following the battle.

The Range 1 ruler is 1 inch, or, a third of a square

The Range 2 ruler is 3 inches, or, 1 square

The Range 3 ruler is 6 inches, or 2 squares

Those are easy enough, the others do need a little eyeballing though:

The Range 4ruler is 8 inches, or, almost 3 squares.

The Range 5 ruler is 10 inches, or 3 and a bit squares.

Movement is a little bit less straight forward, as you need to factor in the mini's base - and of course bases come in 3 sizes. It's not too bad though.

If you take small bases as the benchmark (as the most common in the game), then you actually see that measuring from the back of a base before a move to the front after it (ie, the longest line you can draw as it moves) you'll find that:

The small move ruler plus two medium bases is 6 inches inch, or 2 squares - or simply 'range 3'

The medium move ruler plus two medium bases is 8 inches, or almost 3 squares - or just 'range 4'

The long move ruler plus two medium bases is 10 inches, or, 3 and a bit squares - or, you guessed it 'range 5'.

(Hardly a fair race)

Easy eh? You just need to remember to add a little more if we're dealing with a mini on a medium or large base.

Hawkeye firing an arrow, Zemo charging or Panther running across the table to steal an extract? The gridlines care not.

I'm sure that's obvious to some people, but something is only easy if you know it. So if you're someone who was struggling to visualise the range after reading my first battle report, then give this page a bookmark and hopefully if helps you enjoy future reports more - and maybe even train your eye to the point it helps you in your own games!


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