As a child in the 90s I cut my wargaming teeth at Games Workshop where a demo copy of 'Space Hulk' grabbed my imagination. Back then, in a time before the smartphone in my pocket would let me access a whole world of content similarly minded people were creating, my ways of enjoying the games I loved was pretty straight forward - go to the store; play with friends (though this always needed arranging well in advance without social media); or read White Dwarf whose battle reports I always really enjoyed (this was a time before they were cleverly choreographed to try sell the latest thing).

Fast-forward today and a few things have changed; my taste in games and the availability of content. These days I am all about playing the excellent 'Marvel Crisis Protocol' by Atomic Mass Games for which there always seems to be something new to read or watch or listen to made for Gamers, by Gamers. But there's a part of me that has always missed some of the old ways. They say video killed the radio star, and in the way of wargames, YouTube seems to have killed the written battle report. Now that you can film a battle with commentary, people don't seem as interested in reading about a battle anymore. Well, I am. I used to take great joy from looking at the big blocky graphics showing the battlefields on White Dwarf's glossy pages. 

So, that's what you have here. A homage-of-sorts to written battle reports. Nothing intended to try replace video battle reports, but instead something else that maybe you will enjoy alongside all of the other excellent content already being produced.